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Ridge Radio Appearance by Kidson



On the Sunday 25th March 2018, John Kidson will be live on Ridge Radio after hosting his own show in the station throughout 2017 he’s been invited on The Mark Keegan Show.
Mark Keegan show time is 18:00 – 20:00 GMT.

The two will be sharing the musical selection and having a chat about each others different tastes in music.

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Kniteforce Radio Appearance by Kidson

Kidson on The Bustin Show

On the 26th March 2018, John Kidson will be live on Kniteforce Radio after being invited on The Bustin Show. You may of heard Bustin back on podcast #1 of The Kidson Show.
These two have travelled about playing gigs together and always supported each others movements within the musical world.

The Bustin Show music policy is more along the harder sounds and not really Kidsons choice of music, but pretty sure these two will find a method of making the show work!

Join in the show live via the Kniteforce Chatroom which is very easy to connect and leave a message for the show.

Leave your SHOUTOUT or just a normal hello via the facebook event or email (Submit Email)

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Kidson Podcast #23 – Mike Skinner

Mike Skinner aka The Streets

View below in this post for links to iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud etc… (Direct mp3 Download Link HERE)

Within this podcast I explore the music created by Mike Skinner. Covering new material under the alias The Darker The Shadow, The Brighter The Light to his work with Robert Harvey calling themselves The D.O.T. And, it wouldn’t be a collection of Mike’s music without The Streets involved!
This podcast doesn’t feature any talk from myself, 90mins of mixed music.
Keep update with Mike’s work – http://www.mikeskinner-ltd.co.uk/

1. The Streets – Everything is Borrowed
2. The D.O.T – What Am I Supposed to Do?
3. The Streets – It’s Too Late (High Contrast Remix)
4. The Streets – Can’t Con a Honest Jon Continue reading

Kidson Podcast #16 – New Releases

For the first time I’ve recorded a podcast from my home studio, rather than a recording of my radio show. This podcast features no one, just myself and a hour’s worth of new drum and bass music.

More of a test of new audio setup at home than anything and will come up with a aim / feature to future home shows.

You can listen via different methods, more listed in Read More. Including iTunes, TuneIn etc..

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Want to listen to the latest podcast from the Kidson Show

Want to listen to the latest podcast from the Kidson Show, you can via all the main stream outlets.

Kidson Show Podcast
Listen again via other methods;
iTunes – https://goo.gl/tq9D92
TuneIn – https://goo.gl/abgsGh
Stitcher – https://goo.gl/M581BT
iHeartRadio – https://goo.gl/dx4gVM
MixCloud – https://goo.gl/UtMsy3
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Kidson Podcast #11 – David Boomah

David Boomah joined John Kidson in the Ridge Radio studio to talk about his career and provide the music.
A vast selection of music from James Blake, Barrington Levy, The Tamlins, Stevie Wonder and many more makes this show a must listen!

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Kidson Podcast #8 – Mark Ruff Ryder

Music show turned talk show, take a listen and find out why!
It’s been a great pleasure being able to sit down with Mark Ruff Ryder and talk about his musical life and the way he approaches his music creation.
Even with the technical problems on the live broadcast the feed back came in thick and fast stating how much of a interesting personality Mark has.

Listen via iTunes – https://goo.gl/tq9D92
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